Taking Control: A Financial Management Workshop for Women

workshop info hereToday every woman, whether she is single or married, needs to plan ahead for her personal and family security. Being adequately prepared to meet whatever financial challenges come your way may be more important than you think, especially when you consider these facts: Only 27 percent of women have done a retirement savings need calculation; women on an average live 8 years longer than men and often require more income for retirement; 45 percent of women over age 65 are widows; and 75 percent of nursing home residents are women. This program is packed with information essential for women wanting to understand how to deal with the unique financial issues they may face.

Who should attend this workshop?

All women should attend this workshop at any point and time in their career.

What does this workshop cover?

  • Cash management
  • Divorce
  • Risk management
  • Widowhood
  • Planning for children's college
  • Retirement planning
  • Lifetime earnings issues for women
  • Tax planning
  • Employer benefits
  • Estate conservation
  • Other concerns

How will this workshop help your employees?

Women face challenges that often make it more difficult for them than men to save for retirement, and they need to pay special attention to making the most of their money. Women often have breaks in their employment, set up college funds for children, and take leave to help raise the family, often taking up employment later. This workshop illustrates the need for every woman to understand her financial issues, because at some point in her life, she may be on her own. This course will assist women in understanding the unique issues women face and why it is important to pay specific attention to each element they may face.

Workshop Specifics:

This workshop is available in a one-day or two-day format. It can also be customized to include the full range of your company's benefits package. Workshop cost will vary based on the length of the program, customization requests, and whether priced per session or per participant. The comprehensive workbook contains a very helpful resource section and a glossary of terms section.

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