Long-Term Care Workshop

workshop info hereToday, many employers are adding long term care insurance to their benefits package. Since 1988 Retirement & Financial Workshops has been educating the public on long term care and has conducted continuing education programs on this topic for insurance departments in various states. While long term care is a health issue, it is also a retirement planning issue. The cost of long term care varies by region, but the cost for such care can wreak havoc on anyone's finances. This Do's and Don'ts workshop will identify planning options to better handle the financing of this type of care.

Who should attend this workshop?

Any employee interested in learning about long term care insurance and other planning options as appropriate solutions to long term health care issues.

What does this workshop cover?

  • Understanding the risk of LTC health events
  • Evaluating the need for LTC insurance
  • Understanding Medicare's limitations
  • Medicaid's role in long term care
  • Spend-down rules for couples
  • Protecting your assets
  • Evaluating LTC insurance contracts

How will this workshop help your employees?

Employees will be enlightened when they attend this program. With the changing demographics of our society, the lack of long term care planning is often cited as one of the most costly oversights in financial planning. With nearly 76 million baby boomers moving toward retirement, the cost of long term care must be seen as having the same affect on a retiree's financial security as the iceberg had on the Titanic!

Workshop Specifics:

This workshop is offered in a half-day format, but it can be combined with any other program. Workshop cost will vary based on the length of the program, customization requests, and whether priced per session or per participant.

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