How to Work for Uncle Sam and Retire Rich

How to Work for Uncle Sam and Retire RichThis book should be on every federal employee's bookshelf. It weaves solid financial planning advice with explanations of how federal employees can take advantage of the extensive benefit system available to them to accomplish what we all want - a worry-free, financially independent future. Written from a financial planner's perspective, this plain English guide to government retirement and employee benefits programs includes some of the mistakes federal employees make when planning for their retirement.

The book's author, Randall P. Hallier, CFP®, is one of the industry's leading experts on government retirement and employee benefits programs. For more than 20 years, Randy has delivered educational workshops and personal financial planning to thousands of people. He is widely known for his work with federal employees and government agencies.

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The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management

The Art of Investing"This is one of the best books on personal finance that I have come across in my 25+ years in the wealth management field. Since 1981, I have been helping investors put together written plans to achieve their most important financial goals. In particular, the financial planning process forms the underpinning of the entire book. I believe this is an essential process that must be completed to attain any wealth management goal. A truly comprehensive financial plan is one that not only covers investment planning but also addresses retirement planning, risk management, tax and estate planning.

With The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management you'll learn how to assemble your financial team, how to choose the best investments, and how to invest without emotion. It offers fresh insight into a variety of wealth-growing strategies together with nuts-and-bolts action steps for the individual investor. It offers Baby Boomers the latest technique for cost planning and risk management to help them create a portfolio that can deliver the income, security and growth necessary for today's retirement lifestyle. Part of my mission is to help educate people about money - especially how to remove emotions from investing by creating and following a well-written financial plan. This is why I'm happy to recommend this book."

- Randall P. Hallier, CFP®