About Finacial Workshops LLC.

Financial Workshops, LLC, has offered educational financial planning workshops to the private and public sectors since 1988. Our goal has always been to provide the highest level of service and education to ensure successful financial futures. Workshops are specifically tailored to meet your needs. They are purely educational with absolutely no specific product or service endorsements.

Our job is to make YOU look good. We reinforce that you are doing what is right for your employees. This builds morale and improves productivity!

Our workshop leaders are experienced financial planning professionals with outstanding presentation skills and the highest credentials in the financial industry. All presenters are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners. Our professionally prepared and presented materials are considered “best-in-class.”. Read our testimonials to see first-hand what others say about the quality of our presenters and our workshops!

How We Work With You

All courses are delivered in a lively and interactive manner that maintains the attention of the participants and ensures that they are able to take action on what they learn. Instruction reaches all levels of participant understanding and appreciation. The workshops are solely educational. There are no product sales or pitches involved.

We will gladly come to your workplace or conference hall of your choice to meet with your employees and provide the financial education they need to make smarter money-related decisions.

All workshops are customized for your organization. And our wide range of core offerings will appeal to all levels of employees. So, whether you are looking for a comprehensive financial management workshop, a new-hire benefits review seminar, a mid-career wealth accumulation presentation or a getting-ready-for-retirement seminar, chances are you’ll find what you are looking for in our course catalog.

When you are interested in bringing the best to your employees, call Financial Workshops, LLC.

Experts in Corporate and Federal Sector Training

Financial Workshops, LLC, is the premier training organization for corporations, federal agencies and employees. With over 20 years experience, founder and workshop leader Randall P. Hallier, CFP®, is an acknowledged expert on issues related to compensation, benefits and retirement programs for corporate and federal employees.

At Financial Workshops LLC, helping people gain the knowledge they need – and apply it wisely – is our mission, our livelihood and our passion.

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